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About O&A Enterprise

Our Goal

In 2020, O&A Enterprise was founded by Auston Barnett and Tyler Ojeda. O&A Enterprise is defined to be a lifestyle brand. Our definition of a lifestyle brand, is to create a diversified environment, in which we can reach multiple markets while being affordable to all. With this, the diversity will create multiple business opportunities within the Enterprise. Currently we are working to secure trusted partners to offer services to while being beneficial to everyone involved. Any product, Any market, Big or Small, let O&A assist in streamlining your products.

Inside Business

Our Portfolio

Business Model & Affiliates

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O&A Resell

O&A Resell seeks to find brands and products that will support your everyday life. Currently we are an affiliated partner with MrCool, a HVAC supplier. We are currently searching for more partners that will diversify our streamlined offerings. Our process seeks to benefit our consumers first and foremost, then the product/brands we streamline, and lastly O&A.